Best Weed Eaters Under $150


Weeding is a chore most gardeners wish to tackle efficiently without breaking the bank. Dive into this guide to discover the best weed eaters under $150 in the market.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top Recommended Weed Eaters Under $150

Best Heavy Duty Cordless String Trimmer

Introducing the Greenworks 40V 12″ Cordless String Trimmer, a powerful and versatile tool for tackling your lawn care needs.

This cordless trimmer is designed to effortlessly handle tough grass and weeds, offering a 12-inch cutting width and a convenient .065″ line auto feed head.

With its lightweight and ergonomic design, it minimizes user fatigue, and the push-button start ensures ease of use.

The included 2.0Ah battery can be recharged in just 60 minutes, and the trimmer is virtually maintenance-free, with no need for gas, oil, or emissions.

Say goodbye to the hassle and noise of traditional trimmers and embrace this efficient and quiet lawn care solution.

The Greenworks 40V 12″ Cordless String Trimmer is our recommended heavy duty cordless string trimmer.

Greenworks 40V 12″ Cordless String Trimmer


  1. 40V Battery Power: The Greenworks String Trimmer is powered by a 40V battery, which provides ample power to tackle tough grass and weeds.
  2. 12″ Cutting Path: The 12-inch cutting path, combined with a 0.065″ line and auto-feed head, makes it easy to trim large areas quickly and efficiently.
  3. Variable Speed Trigger: The variable speed trigger allows you to adjust the cutting speed on the go, giving you better control when maneuvering around plants and shrubs.
  4. Lightweight Design: This trimmer boasts an ultra-lightweight design, reducing user fatigue during prolonged use.
  5. Easy to Use: It features a convenient push-button start, eliminating the hassle of pull cords. The included 2.0Ah battery recharges in just 60 minutes.
  6. Maintenance-Free: The Greenworks String Trimmer is virtually maintenance-free. It doesn’t require gas or oil, emits no harmful emissions, and starts instantly with minimal noise.


Easy to Use: The push-button start and straightforward controls make this trimmer user-friendly, even for beginners.

Battery Life: The 2.0Ah battery provides decent runtime, and the quick recharge time ensures you can get back to work swiftly.

Maneuverability: The variable speed trigger and lightweight design make it easy to navigate around obstacles in your yard.

Environmentally Friendly: Since it’s battery-powered, it produces no emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Quiet Operation: Compared to gas-powered trimmers, this trimmer operates quietly, reducing noise pollution.


String Feeding: Some users have reported issues with the automatic string feeder not working correctly. It may require manual intervention to feed out the string in certain cases.

Weight Distribution: While the trimmer itself is lightweight, the weight distribution can feel a bit front-heavy, making it slightly awkward to handle for extended periods.

Limited Run Time: Although the 2.0Ah battery provides decent runtime, for larger yards or heavy-duty tasks, you might need to invest in additional batteries.

Best 2-In-1 Edger and Trimmer

The Worx 20V 12″ Cordless GT 3.0 String Trimmer & Edger Weed Trimmer, is the perfect companion for maintaining a beautifully manicured lawn and garden.

This innovative tool effortlessly transforms from a precision string trimmer to a precise wheel edger in mere seconds, offering the versatility you need to tackle all your outdoor trimming tasks.

Equipped with a cutting-edge instant line feed system and powered by two lightweight 20V Power Share MaxLithium batteries, the Worx WG163 ensures uninterrupted operation and compatibility with a wide range of WORX Power Share tools.

With a head that tilts 90 degrees, rubberized wheels for stability, and an adjustable spacer guard to protect your plants and ornaments, this trimmer and edger combo is designed to make your outdoor maintenance easier and more efficient.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and the noise of gas-powered trimmers – the Worx WG163 is your key to achieving a well-groomed lawn with ease.

The Worx 20V 12″ Cordless GT 3.0 String Trimmer & Edger Weed Trimmer is our recommended 2-in-1 string trimmer and edge weed trimmer.

Worx 20V 12″ Cordless GT 3.0 String Trimmer & Edger Weed Trimmer


  1. 2-in-1 Trimmer & Edger: Easily converts from a string trimmer to a wheel edger in seconds.
  2. Instant Line Feed: Innovative push-button Command Feed spool system for instant line feeding. Includes Free Spools for Life.
  3. Expandable Power: Uses the same battery as over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family.
  4. Batteries Included: Comes with 2 powerful and lightweight 20V Power Share MaxLithium batteries that can be used with other tools in the WORX PowerShare family.
  5. Head Tilts 90°: Allows trimming and edging on sloped terrain and hard-to-reach areas.
  6. Rubberized Wheels: Support and guide the edger for straighter lines and cleaner cuts.
  7. Spacer Guard: Adjustable to prevent damage to plants, landscape features, and lawn ornaments while trimming.


Versatile 2-in-1 design for both trimming and edging.

Instant line feed system for uninterrupted work.

Compatibility with other WORX Power Share tools.

Includes two lightweight 20V batteries.

90° head tilt for flexibility in various terrains.

Rubberized wheels for improved stability.

Adjustable spacer guard to protect plants and ornaments.


May not be as comfortable as a gas trimmer for extended use.

Some users find it challenging to adjust the guard for edging.

Battery recharge time can be relatively long.

Not the best choice for tackling tough, overgrown weeds.

Best Budget-Friendly Trimmer and Edger

Introducing the WISETOOL Weed Wacker Battery Powered Cordless String Trimmer & Edger, a versatile outdoor tool designed to revolutionize your lawn maintenance routine.

With its innovative 2-in-1 functionality, this trimmer effortlessly converts from a precision string trimmer to a convenient wheel edger in seconds, eliminating the need for multiple tools and saving you valuable time and money.

Equipped with Command Feed technology, it ensures that you can add more lines as needed with just the push of a button, without the hassle of manual bumping.

The WISETOOL Weed Wacker also features a thoughtful and ergonomic design, including a 90-degree adjustable head and a comfortable 180-degree rotation handle, making it ideal for tackling hard-to-reach areas and providing you with a comfortable working environment.

With a long-lasting 20V 2.0Ah battery, it offers the power and convenience you need to keep your lawn pristine, all while being lightweight and easy to handle.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and fuel, and say hello to a more efficient and enjoyable lawn care experience. Discover the future of lawn maintenance with WISETOOL.

Due to its low cost, the WISETOOL Weed Wacker is our recommended budget-friendly weed trimmer.

WISETOOL Weed Wacker, Cordless String Trimmer & Edger


  1. 2-in-1 Functionality: This product can easily convert from a string trimmer to a wheel edger, saving you the expense of purchasing a separate edger.
  2. Automatic Feed Spool: The Command Feed technology allows you to add more line as needed by simply pushing a button, eliminating the need for manual bumping. It comes with two extra replacement lines.
  3. Adjustable Design: The trimmer features a 180°-rotation handle for comfortable working and a head that pivots 90° for handling hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Long-Lasting Battery: It includes a 20V 2.0Ah battery that supports 15-30 minutes of use in different environments and is compatible with other WISETOOL cordless tools.
  5. Powerful Specifications: With an 8500RPM no-load speed, 12-inch cutting diameter, 0.065-inch line diameter, and a lightweight fuselage at 4.85 pounds, it offers efficient performance.


2-in-1 functionality provides versatility for trimming and edging.

Automatic feed spool technology simplifies line replacement.

Adjustable design enhances comfort and maneuverability.

The included long-lasting battery eliminates the need for frequent recharging.

Powerful specifications make it suitable for various cutting tasks.

Comes with extra replacement lines for added convenience.

The lightweight design makes it easy to handle.

Positive customer reviews indicate user satisfaction.


Battery runtime may be limited for larger yard tasks.

Some users may find it uncomfortable to hold the trigger button for extended periods.

The 20V battery may not be as powerful as some gas-powered trimmers for heavy-duty tasks.

Price may be higher compared to corded trimmers, although competitive in the cordless category.

The Importance of a Good Weed Eater in Gardening

Weed eaters, also known as string trimmers, play a pivotal role in the world of gardening and yard maintenance. Let’s delve deeper into why investing in a quality one can make a significant difference.

  • Efficiency in Maintaining a Clean Yard: A weed eater offers a precision that mowers might miss. They are designed to reach spots mowers can’t, such as around trees, under bushes, and along fences. A neatly trimmed yard not only looks pleasing but also ensures that pests don’t find hiding spots amidst overgrown grass.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While some gardeners might rely on manual tools or hire help for those tricky areas, investing in a weed eater is a more cost-effective solution in the long run. You’ll save on manual labor costs and also reduce the time and energy you invest in maintaining your yard.

What to Look For in a Weed Eater?

Choosing the right weed eater is crucial for your gardening needs. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Power Source: There are three main types of weed eaters based on their power source:
    • Electric (Corded): These are ideal for smaller yards as they require a power outlet. They’re lightweight, start instantly, and run quietly.
    • Battery-powered (Cordless): Suitable for medium-sized yards, these offer mobility without being tethered to an outlet. However, the run time is limited by battery life.
    • Gas-powered: These are powerful machines designed for larger yards or heavy-duty tasks. They run longer but tend to be heavier and noisier.
  • Weight and Ergonomics: Comfort is crucial, especially for extended use. Look for a weed eater that is lightweight and comes with adjustable handles or straps to distribute weight and reduce strain on your arms and back.
  • Durability and Brand Reputation: It’s wise to invest in a model known for its durability. Check user reviews and ratings to understand which brands offer reliable products. Trusted brands might have a slightly higher price tag, but the longevity and performance of their weed eaters often justify the investment.

Maintenance Tips for Prolonged Efficiency

A weed eater, like any garden tool, requires regular maintenance to ensure it functions efficiently for a long time. Here are some essential maintenance tips to prolong your tool’s life:

  • Cleaning After Use: Every time you use your weed eater, grass and dirt can get trapped in various parts of the machine, affecting its efficiency. It’s imperative to clean the trimmer head and air vents after each use to avoid debris buildup. Using a brush or cloth, gently wipe away any grass clippings, ensuring the line is free from any tangles.
  • Regular Check-ups: It’s not just about cleaning; it’s also about inspecting. Regularly inspect your weed eater for any signs of wear, especially in the cutting line, fuel lines (for gas models), and electrical cords (for electric models). This routine check can help identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate into bigger problems, ensuring that your machine remains in top shape.
  • Replacing Spool or Line: The line in your weed eater will wear out over time, especially with regular use. When it becomes thin, frayed, or frequently breaks, it’s time for a replacement. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines on the recommended line thickness and type. Replacing it is generally straightforward: remove the old spool, insert the new line, and secure it in place.

Safety Precautions When Using Weed Eaters

Using a weed eater can be safe when proper precautions are taken. Here’s how to ensure your safety:

  • Proper Gear: The fast-spinning line of a weed eater can send debris flying in various directions. To protect yourself, always wear safety glasses to shield your eyes from any flying particles. Gloves will give you a better grip and protect your hands, while long pants can protect your legs from any debris or accidental contact with the spinning line.
  • Operating Techniques: When using a weed eater, always hold it with both hands to maintain control. Start trimming at a slow speed until you get a feel for the tool, then adjust as needed. Ensure you’re trimming at a consistent height and avoid swinging the weed eater wildly, as this can lead to uneven cuts and potential injuries. Also, never operate a weed eater barefoot; always wear closed shoes with good traction.
  • Storage and Kids: When not in use, store the weed eater in a secure location out of the reach of children. Children are naturally curious, and the tool’s sharp components can pose a risk. Ideally, keep it in a locked shed or garage. If your model is battery-powered, consider removing the battery before storage, ensuring that it can’t be accidentally activated.


Maintaining a pristine garden doesn’t have to be an expensive or daunting task. With the right weed eater, especially one that fits your budget, you can easily tackle overgrown areas and keep your yard looking its best.

Remember, it’s not just about the initial purchase but also about regular maintenance and safe usage. By investing time in care and being cautious during operation, your weed eater can serve you efficiently for years, making it a valuable asset in your gardening toolkit.

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